Ecovapor is an innovative steam generating system that can be adapted to end-users’ real need 
by optimizing power consumption in their facilities while meeting NOx emission requirements, 
all at the most cost-effective  option in the market.

  Ecovapor project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730790

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Horizon 2020 / FTI (Fast Track to Innovation)

Horizon 2020 is a funding program for European research and innovation, period 2014 - 2020. It is the most important research program regarding EU and one of the world's largest with public funds. Fast Track to Innovation - FTI is a measure in the European Horizon 2020 program that provides funding for business-driven projects, close to market, open to proposals – from industrial companies - for each technology or application sector involving the trans-disciplinary and intersectoral cooperation.

Start date: OCTOBER 2016 
End date: SEPTEMBER 2018 

The ECOVAPOR project has been planned to have duration of 24 months and will be distributed into 6 Work Packages (WPs). 

The activities have been divided into three categories: Technical,  Commercialisation, Dissemination, and Communication, General Project Management.  

ECOVAPOR perfectly matches the Fast Track to Innovation programme by combining technological and commercial expertise of our four complementary partner companies from Italy, UK, and Spain.

 Our vision is close to the market, fully aligned to customers, society and environmental needs through increasing energy end-use efficiency, saving costs, and reducing NOx emissions in a broad range of industrial applications that use thermal energy in form of steam. For that purpose and meeting the requirements of the programme, we all became partners with the aim of working together for the development of our sustainable cutting edge solution, ECOVAPOR, which can be easily translated into socio-economic value for both, our consortium and industry needs.



Reduce the time to market

Stimulate the participation of the candidates for the first time to EU research funding

Increase private sector investments in research and innovation


Project Objective Description

ECOVAPOR will make steam production a very cost-effective, energy-efficient (up to 95% overall since a low-priced economiser is integrated into the boiler), smart (custom-designed based on specific needs for the industry which operates at different powers within a large modulation range (5-100%), and environmentally friendly alternative (only 80mgNOx/kWh emissions able to comply with the most stringent regulations) to appeal to market segments that want to foster the uptake of new steam-generating technologies to reduce energy bills, optimise energy consumption, and reduce NOx emissions.

  • Smart power consumption

  • Large modulating range

  • High thermal efficiency

  • Reduced heat dispersion

  • Less pollutant emission < 70 mg/kWh

  • Low cost

  • Remote control for after-sales service

  • Safe operation

  • Low noise

  • Guaranteed long life

  • Space saving

  • Easily installation & adaptation 
    to most boiler rooms

Work Packages

1 - Development of the electrical and automation system 

2 - Scale up of the steam boiler design 

3 - Field test in the real environment 

4 - Industrialization plan 

5 - Pre-commercialisation, dissemination & exploitation 

6 - General Management



ICI Caldaie is focused on new technologies and services for energy, developed in cooperation with strategic partners. 

It is a European and Italian leader in industrial and residential heat production systems; the cornerstones of this development are energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and cost savings for the user.


Burnertech are one of the recognised world leaders in pre-mix gas burners, harnessing the latest material technology. 

Our role in the project is to scale up the pre-mix burner head between 350-5000kg/h and be ready for rapid manufacturing for different steam boiler capabilities.


Italian company with more than 20 years expertise in custom-designed products of the electronic market. Troll will project, develop and produce EcoVapor PCB control electronics, hardware and software. Objectives are smart regulation of burner, boiler and industrial plant, data-logging, local and remote monitoring. Final objective is adapt boiler use to the plant steam needs. 


AIDISA is a non-profit association of SMEs composed of 64 agro-food industrial members. 

AIDISA manages CTIC-CITA, a technological centre devoted to attend the research and technical needs required in the Food Industry. 

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