ECOVAPOR Unveils New steam generation

12th October 2017 - Verona

At ICI CALDAIE plants in Campagnola di Zevio, the presentation of the revolutionary Ecovapor system took place, within the company's manufacturing facilities.

The event illustrated the origin of the project, highlighting five major strengths: safety, emissions, energy saving, simplicity and integration, connectivity.

It was appreciated the location choice. The industrial halls appear a futuristic setting particularly engaging for the guests came from all over the world.

During the presentation, it was also possible to see the new Ecovapor system running in parallel with a traditional steam boiler, touching all the novelties of the innovation that promises to be revolutionary in the industry.

3rd Consortium meeting

12th October 2017 – Verona

The Ecovapor Unveil Event marked the start of the second period of the project and it was the opportunity to have the 3rd Consortium meeting.
It was an important chance to evaluate the progress of activities and review the next period plan.

ECOVAPOR Project: 2nd Consortium meeting

23rd May 2017 - Cerea (VR)

At the end of the second quarter since the beginning of the project, the 2 meetings of the consortium were held in the new headquarters of Troll srl in Cerea.
The agenda provided an alignment on the state of art to agree on some necessary changes arising from the comparison with the outside and the results of the internal trials.

In addition to the participation of representatives from the 4 realities, resources have been involved that are devoting to the development of the project.

Especially representatives of ICI's network sales boilers to refine project knowledge in view of the upcoming semester's fieldwork commitment.

The meeting ended with an interesting visit to the establishment where the new electronic card will be produced: the best compliments from the whole ECOVAPOR staff visiting for the innovative production system and quality control and monitoring.

ECOVAPOR Project: Collaborative Design for innovative product & new meanings of thermal energy production

20th April 2017 - Verona

A few months after the start of the project, the "Open Collaborative Design Weeks" ended.
The initiative extended the design activity beyond the boundaries of ICI Caldaie and the Consortium border, actively engaging stakeholders and intermediaries and users to test the product evaluating the results obtained, discover and weigh the values ​​in advance of the sales, and read” new interpretations and product meanings for the user of the product itself.

The acceleration required by the ECOVAPOR project has involved about 50 participants from various fields of the thermal energy sector and ICI Caldaie network: Plant Design, Engineering, Sales, Service, Energy Manager, Energy Service Companies from Italy, Europe and Middle East.

The results cropped up confirmed some technical-constructive choices as they have been urged to consider other aspects such as noise, perceived outdoor temperature, sales tools for greater flexibility in overcoming barriers at the entrance of the new solution.
Among the positive aspects beyond ECOVAPOR's performance and sustainability, the participants underlined the contribution to the innovation culture of the ECOVAPOR project. The approach of real open mind and the ability to create links in addition to the expertise and energy of the internal skilled people.

ECOVAPOR Project: Kick-off Meeting

5th October 2016 – Verona

The ecovapor project was officially launched!
The kick-off meeting took place in Verona on October, 5th 2016.
The partners of the consortium participated at this important event, that will speed-up the development and exploitation of the common innovative idea that is becoming an Innovation.




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